The South West Michigan Veterans Relief Fund was established specifically to address immediate emergent needs of veterans and their families. The fund provides assistance when an unforeseen situation has caused a temporary financial emergency or hardship that can be resolved by a onetime grant.

The fund has served to keep many of our Veterans and their families warm, housed and with food  during emergency situations that have fallen upon them.  This fund available to assist wartime and non-wartime Veterans and is specifically intended to help Veterans who might not qualify for government funded financial relief programs.

In addition to financial assistance, SWMVRF collaborates with other local support organizations such as the Michigan Veterans Trust Fund, the County Veteran Affairs Office, the Veterans Administration and other local  Veteran service organizations.  This  allows us to guide Veterans to other resources as we work with them in obtaining the benefits they have earned. Last year we assisted over 200 veterans.

We are proud of the fact that this fund, administered by all non paid volunteers has provided over 20,000 dollars in assistance while spending less than 3% of our revenue for overhead (primarily for supplies).

SWMVRF fund is supported by various fund raising events, individual and group donations and small grants that allow us to assist our Veterans in their time of need. We are always seeking donations to help sustain and grow this fund for the benefit of all Veterans and their families.

For those participating in the local Combined Federal Campaign, please look for us in the Campaign Brochure (Code 61099) as your contributions would be appreciated by all of our Veterans in need.